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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Have Fun with FunPixs

I have gathered some funny pictures and posted here , I guess you would enjoy this.

One of the Ancient rather Stone age techniques followed in modern days. A salute to our Ancestors

Every body Pray god, Look at these young kids Prayers,when they were told to write their pray in a paper.

Just click on the image to enlarge and read, you will enjoy this

Every body is scared and they don't want to remove mask,

even while taking a picture to avoid H1N1 (Swine flu)

Even Mouse have become computer professional, don't you think we need to design a better computer mouse for this Techie mouse

WOW this guy has innovated a new theorem, the way he has expanded is awesome.
Way to go man.....!

Yeeeeeeeaa, Its good to have friends every where. Enlarge Look at this funny picture how good friendship is . . .

Hey man this is ridiculous, why Computer engineers should solve difficult problems.
Computer engineers know how to over come difficult situations. just give us the number

Our company management is very intelligent. Do you know why?
Our office Cubical desk is not as this.

Hmm if we could have at-least this we could manage...
I think this is given in the time of recession time only.

I have around Ten Close friends, all are Okay.
does it mean I am totally unbalanced

More to come, Be a follower of this blog you will get updates when new funny stuffs are added

Thank you for visiting this blog

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