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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Funny computer Error Messages (JUST for Fun)

These are few funny Images of computer error message . These are not real but good one... Have a look on it and enjoy between a hectic work schedule and relax your mind.
Have Fun...,

Replace User error not sure what is the intent is it telling the user to quit the job or the user is bad at computers

Problem Exists between keyboard and Chair aka PEBKAC so what this really means ...?

Employment/Enjoyment Conflict message. Is this a HiFi Super computer or the employer has hired a admin resource just to monitor each Employee what they do on their computer.

Funny , If you not expected to understand then why is this displayed, just to bug the user.
Damn What is happening here

I guess the computer is tired or over heated, its thermal sensor has triggered this message and telling the user to switch off the computer with an indirect message.

This seems to be designed just to bug the user with some error or the other even if the user is good at computers

Bugging the user with Automatic updates and the most irritating part is the test in the message .

Just think if this has been in real scenario how much the programmer should have struggled to fix this dirty programming code written by some one else ... :)

Not Again .. !
Hope you enjoyed this Funny Images... thank you for viewing this.

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